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Welcome to my website! This is just a way to learn how to use HTML, so I can make a better website. Might start using CSS too. (Update: Already covered by Reesehan.)

I need to get a backend up, but this is neocities, not any other type. I also feel like not caring at all. I honestly think I should stop doing this. The tutorial only helps a little. And I still need to get an image up. And work on the CSS templates.

I wonder how this website looks. Probably very basic, considering that I do not know HTML at all.


Also, Thanks to Reese(xsychoreese,Redryzer,etc...) for helping me with my website. Also, thanks to Carver for helping me make the list and for the inspiration.

From xsychoreese:

i know this shit's dead as fuck but check out my website while i debate with lemon on if he should buy a domain soon